About us


Lifandis is the professional interface between industry and HUNT Research Center. Through the world-class capabilities of HUNT Research Center, Lifandis provides commercial access to one of the largest health studies ever performed, the Norwegian HUNT Study, without compromising the trust of the donor population.

The HUNT Study’s unique combination of health data and biological material with a very large number of other exposure variables makes it the ideal starting point for studies of interactions between genetic variation, lifestyle and environmental factors.

In addition to access to data and samples from the HUNT Study, Lifandis also offers access to additional valuable information regarding the HUNT participants through Norwegian regional and national registries. These registries comprise data collected since 1952 and include the Cancer Registries, the Prescription registry and the Cause-of-death Registries and several clinical end-points registries.

Accordingly, Lifandis offers a unique combination of capabilities, which can significantly contribute